Episode 33: Midsommar

Special Summer Episode   To celebrate Nick's Birthday, He and Jordan explore the bright secrets of Hårga in Ari Aster's stunning sophomore effort.    ...View Details

Season 2 Finale. On the weekend of the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion, Jordan and Nick seek to honor the trans women of color that were s...View Details

A strange chain of events leads Nick to one of the most impactful movies he has ever seen. The goal of this smaller episode is to encourage you all to...View Details

It should be no secret or surprise that we at Take 3: A Movie Podcast fully support the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests that are occurrin...View Details

Jordan has selected some of the films covered during the first two seasons of Take Three: A Movie Podcast. He then went searching for the worst review...View Details

Nick and Jordan head west to uncover the many secrets of Goddard's deadly bistate resort. Box Office Mojo | Bad Times at the El Royale Bustle | The El...View Details

Jordan and Nick recommend some of their favorite streaming shows and discuss more that they are committing to watch.     

Nick and Jordan celebrate Mother's Day by watching each of their moms' favorite movies and discussing them.   

Episode 31: Shrek

Jordan and Nick journey to Duloc to explore the most irreverent and clever "fairy tale" ever put to screen.  An0nymooose | Shrekophone Shrek by Willia...View Details

In celebration of Jordan's birthday, our two hosts journey back to 1993 to see what movie was topping the box office on April 24th.  *Spoiler Alert* I...View Details

Episode 30: Titanic

On the 108 year anniversary of the RMS Titanic's fateful maiden voyage, Jordan and Nick take a look back at James Cameron's epic love story.   Titanic...View Details

Nick takes some fun horror movie based quizzes online. Jordan however, well you will just have to listen to find out. MagiQuiz | Can You Pass This Tou...View Details

Episode 29: Stand By Me

Jordan and Nick head to Castle Rock to learn all about Rob Reiner's classic adaptation of Stephen King's novella, The Body. IMDb | Stand By Me - Plot ...View Details

Nick and Jordan discuss the effects that COVID-19 has had on the movie industry and suggest movies that you can enjoy while staying inside and flatten...View Details

Episode 28: Jojo Rabbit

Jordan and Nick return to dive face-first into Taika Waititi's beautifully controversial WW2 anti-hate satire.     IMDb | Jojo Rabbit Plot Summary Box...View Details

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