On Take Three’s first season finale, Jordan and Nick give themselves over to absolute pleasure as they dive into the deep end of this 1975 cult phen...View Details

Jordan and Nick review Godzilla: King of the Monsters, discuss the widely unappreciated art of Foley and provide information on the end of Season 1. ...View Details

Episode 16: Godzilla

Nick and Jordan seek to understand the global icon that is Godzilla by exploring the 2014 American film as well as the 60 year legacy that led up to i...View Details

Jordan and Nick cover the history of the Manson family, Tarantino, and his newest feature film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.   Once Upon a Time in H...View Details

Episode 15: The Village

Nick and Jordan journey into the woods to uncover the secrets of one of Shyamalan's most polarizing features.  The Village Trailer Blog Man Ry - "Fil...View Details

Nick and Jordan discuss the Disney's newly announced upcoming film release schedule.   WALT DISNEY STUDIOS MOTION PICTURES RELEASE SCHEDULE

Jordan and Nick work up an appetite as they discuss the implications and impact of the 1991 classic thriller, The Silence of the Lambs. References: Ty...View Details

Jordan and Nick tackle one of the biggest blockbusters of all time just one week before its sequel, an even bigger blockbuster, is released. Note: Thi...View Details

Nick and Jordan travel through time... to the 90s, and explore Spielberg's prehistoric, timeless classic.   References in this episode: https://www.r...View Details

Episode 11: Hereditary

Jordan and Nick do their best to piece together the hauntingly beautiful mystery that is Hereditary, without losing their heads. 

Nick and Jordan nearly spiral out of control in their biggest episode yet to discuss a Sci-Fi/Thriller pseudo-sequel, doomsday preppers, found footage...View Details

Episode 9: Logan

Nick and Jordan explore a superhero movie that breaks the mold. We get nerdy on this western-drama hybrid.

Episode 8: Rear Window

This week, Nick and Jordan dive deep into Hitchcock's classic, claustrophobic thriller, Rear Window, and conclude by listing our top five favorite th...View Details

Episode 7: The Matrix

Nick and Jordan plug into the philosophical wonderland that is the Wachowski's classic, The Matrix.    Referenced in this episode: https://www.youtu...View Details

Episode 6: The Shining

Nick and Jordan have an argument over one of Stanley Kubrick's most controversial films. 

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