Episode 8: Rear Window

This week, Nick and Jordan dive deep into Hitchcock's classic, claustrophobic thriller, Rear Window, and conclude by listing our top five favorite th...View Details

Episode 7: The Matrix

Nick and Jordan plug into the philosophical wonderland that is the Wachowski's classic, The Matrix.    Referenced in this episode: https://www.youtu...View Details

Episode 6: The Shining

Nick and Jordan have an argument over one of Stanley Kubrick's most controversial films. 

Episode 5: Pulp Fiction

This week, Nick and Jordan explore one of Quentin Tarantino's earliest, grittiest, pulpiest works

Episode 4: Interstellar

In this week's episode, Nick and Jordan look toward the stars and wonder at our place in the universe with one of Christopher Nolan's best works.

Nick and Jordan debate one of the more controversial Star Wars entries, discuss where it went wrong and why you should like it anyway.

Episode 2: Halloween

This week we dive deep into the classic lore that is Halloween. We discuss the original (1978), Halloween H20 (1998) and the most recent 2018 adaptati...View Details

Nick and Jordan review the 2018 Academy Award Best Picture winner, and conclude by recasting an old classic.

Jordan and Nick introduce their first of many mini episodes for the podcast. These episodes will veer from the typical "Take Three" formula and instea...View Details

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