Jordan and Nick look back over the past decade of film and look forward to a new year of podcasting. From everyone at Take Three: A Movie Podcast, we ...View Details

Episode 26: Home Alone

Jordan and Nick get into the holiday spirit with this classic holiday series. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals! Vsauce3 | Could you survive Home Alon...View Details

Jordan and Nick celebrate Thanksgiving by discussing family traditions along with some of the movies and people they are most thankful for.

Nick and Jordan freakin talk about this sick movie...and a whole lot of unrelated topics. This episode was surprisingly NOT sponsored by Disney+ Napol...View Details

Jordan and Nick adopt the format of the amazing "We Explain Movies" podcast for a special episode. Jordan explains the film, The Lobster, scene by sce...View Details

On the 5th of November, Nick and Jordan remember remember this powerful and beautiful film. IMDb | V for Vendetta - Plot Summary Box Office Mojo | V f...View Details

 Jordan and Nick discuss legendary creator, Stephen King and the legacy he has left on pop culture as a whole.  References: Box Office Mojo | Stephen ...View Details

Episode 23: Us

 Jordan and Nick join hands and break down Jordan Peele's powerful and enigmatic sophomore effort. References: Fansided | A detailed plot summary for ...View Details

Jordan and Nick go deep into the woods to find the secrets behind a film that changed cinema, The Blair Witch Project. Box Office Mojo | The Blair Wit...View Details

Jordan and Nick each suggest some fun movie night ideas for you to carry out this fall.

Episode 21: Scream

Nick, Jordan and their amazing guest, Shelly all head to Woodsboro for an in-depth look at the franchise that changed horror. Scream | The Inside Stor...View Details

Nick and Jordan swap their top five (or six... or seven...) most anticipated movies of 2019.  Repo! The Genetic Opera - Trailer Tusk | Official Traile...View Details

Episode 20: Annihilation

Jordan and Nick cross into the Shimmer to make sense of Alex Garland's latest modern masterpiece. Annihilation | Box Office Annihilation ENDING EXPLAI...View Details

Nick and Jordan brave a trip to Derry as they discuss the first chapter in this horrific Stephen King epic.   Patreon | Take Three: A Movie Podcast Bi...View Details

Nick and Jordan discuss a wide array of adaptations... for 55 minutes.   Literary Hub | The Living Authors with the Most Film Adaptations Forbes | The...View Details

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